Poker Friends Buy In Tourney

Cash Game Tournament Buy In

  • Every Tuesday @ 18:00 (6:00pm)PST
  • NLHE,  
  • 5000 chip starting stack 
  • 10 minute blinds 
  • normal game speed
  • $5.00 + .50 Buy In


Top 20% paid within 1 hour after tourney has ended via PayPal

100 Player Max Entries Accepted

This tourney is played at PokerStars Home Games, 

If you don't already have it, download the free software from this link: 

The only way to enter this tournament is by clicking the PayPal button here or at the bottom of this page. (DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING IN THE PayPal MESSAGE BOX)

If you do not have a PayPal account, creating one is simple quick and free,

Create your PayPal account HERE if you do not already have one

Payout Structure:

# of players       Places paid
2-6                                      1
7-11                                    2
12-17                                  3
18-22                                  4
23-28                                  5
29-33                                  6
34-50                                  9
51-66                                 12
67-99                                 18
100-132                             24

If You Are Not On My Friends List At Facebook, You Must Send Me A Friend Request @

I Will Contact You Via Facebook PM To Give You The Club ID and Invite Code upon confirmation from PayPal that you have entered. This is why it is important that you are on my FB friends list, I MUST be able to contact you, I won't know many of you by your PokerStars screen name only, so be sure to add your FB name when you apply to the club.

At the end of each tournament and after all payouts have been made, all players will be removed and the club will be closed, then a new club with a new ID # and invite code will be created for the following Friday. (If you are a member of BobAtLex- Poker Friends, you will not be removed from that club, you will only be removed from the cash tourney after it has ended) However, this page will ALWAYS be the ONLY way to enter each weekly tournament through the PayPal button below

Everything is pretty much covered here, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact me



Click PayPal Button Below To Enter, Please Buy In At Least 1 hour Prior To Game Time So I Can Get The Club ID And Invite Code To You In Time to join and register (DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING IN THE PayPal MESSAGE BOX)



trisha7025 said...

wt....hmmm....I think I did everything I was suppose

TheWookieWay said...

today, October 3rd?

larry standard said...

I did paypal but still havnt heard how to join tourney